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We need new sponsors for school kids

We would love to encourage a few more people to take on the sponsorship of a child through

For just €90 per year (that's €7,50 / month), you can help a child here in Sir Lowry's Pass Village. Your sponsor child would receive a school uniform, birthday gift and school supplies. The children’s families can’t afford to buy new school uniforms which means that they’re often wearing hand-me-downs that don’t fit properly. Birthdays often go unnoticed which makes the joy, when Sandra comes to the school and gives the children a gift, so much greater and turns the day into something special. At the end of the year the school provides the kids with a list of required stationery for the next school year. Only very few can afford to buy all the required items. We also help here by providing all sponsor children with the necessary stationery.

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A great relief for the parents and a nice motivation for the children to start the new school year with new pens and notebooks.

If you are on holiday in South Africa, you can of course visit your sponsored child at the school.


Please send us a message, if you want to support a child.

Währinger Straße 16/33, A-1090 Wien