Simply help

Ruth Neudeck-Kraus (here with Emily)

In 2003, my family (my husband Reiner, our three children Laura, Toni and Jan Philipp, and our two dogs) relocated to South Africa.

Ruth Emily

We lived just around the corner from the township Sir Lowry’s Pass. From the beginning, I felt a need to help here.

Fortunately, I was soon introduced to Emily and the former headmaster of the primary school, Mr. MacDonald. Since I was very impressed by both of their work and wanted to support them, I founded Einfachhelfen. I am still very grateful that we have been working together so closely for many years, to increase the childrens’ chance for a better life. Mr. MacDonald has since retired, and his position was taken over by Charlton de Morney. Charlton often used to step in and help, and now supports the sponsorships with the same commitment as his predecessor.

From 2016 onwards, I will be spending more time in Europe again. Einfachhelfen will continue to run as usual. I am very grateful, that my friends Anja Dalton and Sandra Mess will support and represent me in the individual projects.

Währinger Straße 16/33, A-1090 Wien